How I Helped Smart Blogger
Rank Page 1 on Google In 3 Weeks

The Challenge

Ranking on Page 1 on Google for two target keywords within 6 months.

The Client: Smart Blogger

Founded by Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger teaches aspiring bloggers how to grow their blog from $0 to $1,000 a month in passive income. The gold standard of blogging!

Smart Blogger is known for its viral “cutting edge blogging advice” articles and online courses like Freedom Machine and Content Marketing Certification.

One morning, the Detail Manager of Smart Blogger reached out to me via email…

From: Felicity @ Smart Blogger

To: Priscilla Tan

Hi Priscilla,

I hope you’ve had a great week!

Kevin Duncan, Smart Blogger’s Editor in Chief, has a couple of posts that need writing. Kevin is excited about your background writing for SaaS companies and thinks you’d be a great fit.

Priscilla, if that’s something you’re interested in writing for us, please reply to this email and you and Kevin can work out the details.

Right after Kevin and I exchanged hellos and I reviewed his content brief, I immediately got to work:

The Process

🗒 Dig deep into SEO keywords and searcher’s intent.

👓 Research on forums, customer-generated review sites, relevant blog posts, and support portal to wrap my head around the subject matter (i.e. affiliate marketing).

🔎 Conduct content gap analysis to assess the top 10 blog posts ranking on Google Page 1. 

✏ Sprinkle blog post with high-level screenshots. 

⏺ Interview sources from HARO to make the blog post ‘meatier’ and peppered the most relevant use cases as a way to show advice in action.

"This is one of the easiest posts I've edited so far."

Kevin J. Duncan, Editor in Chief

The Results

After 3 weeks, this blog post is ranked 1st page on Google for its two target keywords.

UPDATE: And three secondary keywords!


From: Kevin. J. Duncan

To: Priscilla Tan

Did you know your post is already ranking for both “CJ Affiliate” and “Commission Junction” on page 1 of Google? That’s huge. 🙂

"Priscilla followed our content brief perfectly. She didn't go off script, she didn't waste 500 words on sections that added no value. She asked smart questions and crafted a solid post that brought the vision of the content brief to life. Priscilla was a pleasure to work with."

Kevin J. Duncan, Editor in Chief

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